Final assignment songs

1. Rowan

Hip Hop by Dead Prez

2. Domenico

 “Scene Three: II. Fatal Tragedy” from the Album “Metropolis part II: scenes from a memory” of the group Dream Theater.

Link to the full album

3. Michael


4. Sebastian


5. Arthur


6. Jay


7. Jeanine

Here’s my track selection, “The Magic” by Joan As Policewoman.

8.  Jim

Kanye West – Wolves

The Life of Pablo, 2016.

9. Devon

A Little Piece of Heaven by Avenged Sevenfold


10. Geordie


11. Chris

“How Much A Dollar Cost” by Kendrik Lamar

12. Jon

Little Dragon – Twice 2009


13. Talia

14. Edzie

Adele- water under the bridge