Hello, Here is a list of the “Awkward Test Setting/Scansion” examples I have received. Please notify me if I have missed including your example. Thanks, Ken. 4206 – Examples of Bad Text Setting/Scansion; Sebastian Chamney – Jimi Hendrix – “Bold As Love” (“Once happy turquoise armies lay opposite ready”); Michael Creber – Harold Arlen and Truman Capote – “A Sleeping Bee” (“deep in love’s long looked af-ter land”) “Looked” is placed on beat 1, awkwardly.; Geordie Hart – Rascalz – “Northern Touch”(at 1:15 “Chillin’, Monday night raw watching”); Rowan Tichenor: Crash Test Dummies – “MMM MMM MMM MMM”; Jeanine LeDuc: Whitney Houston – “Saving All My Love” (At 1:10, listen to the words “try” and “cry.”; Jon Roper – Dire Straits – “Money For Nothing” (“Millionaire” “Chimpanzee”)


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