Favourite covers

Jay Park

Sungha Jung – Beat It (by Michael Jackson)


Domenico Mongelli

Maroon 5, Don’t wanna know

Cover by AJ Rafael –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Cu7ahL89RE

Rowan Tichenor:  https://youtu.be/32FB-gYr49Y

Krystal Dawn: Beyonce, “Beautiful Ones” Cover from Prince

(no link)

Christopher Sallis-Lyon: A Perfect Circle’s version of Lennon’s Imagine.


Talia Butler-Gray: Bobby Freeman’s “Do You Want to Dance” covered by The Ramones as “Do You Wanna Dance”


Michael Creber: “Johnnie Get Angry”

Joanie summers original version 1962:


kd lang version:


Jeanine LeDuc: Brian Eno covering The Velvet Underground’s “I’m Set Free”


Arthur Delahooke: Deep Purple’s cover of “Hey Joe”


Sebastian Chamney:


Devon Clarke

for the cover song, I will be choosing Tool’s cover of No Quarter by Led Zeppelin

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